Out-of-Network Claims Discounts That Help Your Business

Consilium is a national out-of-network solution who works to identify cost-saving opportunities in the non-par space.

We can guarantee

  • Value positioned anywhere in the current process
  • No balance billing for members- 100% sign off on discounts by providers
  • A dedicated account manager who will work quickly so that you can see results in as little as three to five days.
  • Customer Portal – instant access to claim status

We help you enhance your relationships with your clients by offering strategic cost-savings opportunities and yield out-of-network claims discounts, putting money back in their pockets.

Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)

Consilium offers a total solution for out-of-network claims for self-funded clients or as an alternative to the standard PPO travel network.

Health Plans

Healthplans today face unique challenges in the midst of healthcare reform. Consilium allows healthplans to obtain additional savings and revenue while still reducing their members out-of-network claims costs


Through our Distribution Partner Program Consilium provides brokers/consultants the ability to increase savings for their employer groups as well as provide additional revenue source for their business.

Employer Groups

Consilium offers an alternative to the traditional travel network which offers limited PPO discounts to its employees for claims that fall out of their primary network. Claims negotiation offers an opportunity for increased savings before settling for a PPO discount.


Union Leaders utilize Consilium to protect their members from out-of-network claims costs. By utilizing Consilium negotiated discounts with 100% provider sign off, costs to the members and the fund are drastically reduced.

Start Saving

We are a leading preferred out-of-network claims negotiator providing our clients with intelligent healthcare technology, exceptional reporting performance, and the most competitive pricing that produces significant cost savings results.

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