Healthcare Cost Containment Solutions that Promote Business Growth Opportunities

At Consilium, we understand the different needs of our clients. Whether you are a health plan looking for more ways to drive members to utilize your network, a large employer group looking for an innovative and cost-effective product, or a union looking to protect its members from balance-billing, our team is poised and ready to help you tackle your specific challenges helping you save money, achieve higher revenues, and ultimately, grow your business.

Healthcare cost containment is a crucial part of our core mission and we work daily to identify cost savings opportunities in the non-par space for our clients and the members they serve. Our solutions provide the marketplace with an innovative approach to healthcare claims savings which is supported by a strong healthcare intelligence technology, experienced negotiators, and a consistent environment of innovative thinking and problem solving to strengthen the foundation we have built with clients, partners, and vendors.

Our healthcare cost containment solutions provides world-class service levels, along with the flexibility required to offer all of our clients solutions based on their individual needs.

Product Solutions

Healthcare claims negotiation made easy

Benefits to Clients

Success through various out of network claim saving solutions