Savings Solutions for Out-of-Network Claims through Healthcare Intelligence Technology

Out-of-Network Claims Saving Solutions

Consilium provides out-of-network claims savings solutions for third party administrators, employer groups, unions, and health plans.

Utilizing our healthcare intelligence technology platform, the Consilium Decision Engine, consistently allows our negotiators to achieve 35% to 45% of savings on out of network claims which results in no balance billing to the member.

In achieving out-of-network claims savings solutions, we:

  • Always negotiate and report as a percentage of Medicare.
  • Guarantee no balance billing to members- 100% sign off on discounts by providers.
  • Can offer value and assistance anywhere in the current claims management process.

Maximizing the best ROI from non-par claims requires more resources and attention than most organizations have designated staff to devote to processing. The reasons for non-network access are varied but can include emergency care needed while traveling, previously participating providers dropping out of the network, and/or primary care physicians recommending access to out-of-network hospitals. Whatever your reason may be, we can help you reduce your claims cost. Place Consilium as your first tier out-of-network claims saving solution and see the difference.


Achieve Up to 45% Savings


100% Sign Off on Discounts by Providers

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Consilium Decision Engine

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